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Foreign Business Registration

Do you need to register a foreign business in Canada?

We specialize in registering foreign businesses, anywhere in Canada!

Register a Foreign Business in Canada

Register a Foreign Business in CanadaIf you wish to register your foreign business in Canada (i.e. a company or business that has been incorporated in another country other than Canada). you will need to decide which province or territory you wish to register in. It will depend on what city in Canada that you wish to conduct business. If you wish to do business across all of Canada you will need to register in each of the 13 provinces and territories of Canada individually.

Some provinces are busier commerce centres such as British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and it may be prudent for you to register in those provinces first. Feel free to contact us before purchasing any service to be sure you are on the right track. There may be additional licensing requirements depending on the nature of business you wish to conduct in Canada. If you feel that you wish to register your business right across Canada then please send us a note outlining your plans and the type of business you wish to conduct.

If you are interested in a particular province or territory you can review the section for that jurisdiction by clicking on the menu links on the right. Below is some general information that applies to registering a foreign company anywhere in Canada. Not all provinces and territories will be shown. If you wish to register in a province or territory not referred to on our service pages, feel free to contact us since we will be able to register you anywhere in Canada.

It is important BEFORE you purchase to review the sections below respecting the Competition Bureau and the different forms of registration that foreign companies can consider in Canada. In order to determine what is the best approach for your business, we will be glad to provide you with the name of a solicitor who will provide you with a free consult.

Call today to learn how we can help you register your foreign business in Canada!

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