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Federal NUANS Report

We will pre-clear your name in advance of ordering your federal NUANS report

NUANS Name Search Reports from Resources for Canadian Business Owners in Scarborough, Ontario

In order to register a company, and in many cases a business name, sole proprietorship, or partnership in Canada you will be required to provide either a NUANS name search report, or a name search report specific to that province. This name search allows the government to ensure that the name hasn't been taken by another business already.

The federal government is very particular about name granting and since there are many names already registered across Canada, it can be very difficult to get approved. It is very important that all three elements of a name are included in your proposed name:

- The first element is the distinct element which should be something like a made up word, a noun or a place. It is a good idea to ensure the first element is very different from any other names already registered.

- The second element describes the business. This element must be included and when you add this you tell the federal government what the nature of business is, e.g., carpentry work, plumbing, contracting, accounting services, etc. and you increase your chances of approval.

- The third element is the legal ending which should be one of Ltd., Limited, Corp., Corporation, Inc., or Incorporated.

The name you choose should also not sound the same as another word in a name already registered, i.e. Cat or Kat.

There is no guarantee by submitting a federal NUANS report that your name will be accepted for use by Corporations Canada.

Before ordering your Federal NUANS report it is important to pre-clear the name. Do not attempt to do this yourself through a free service. The free services do not perform broad enough searches in order for you to know for sure the name you have chosen is free for use. Further, looking up the name on the internet or in a phone service will definitely not be enough. Resources for Canadian Business Owners will pre-clear your name for free when you purchase our service. We will check your proposed names and we will work together to choose a name that has a higher chance of approval.

Call Resources for Canadian Business Owners in Scarborough, Ontario today and get your business name registered!

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