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BC Name Clearance Report | Incorporate in BC

We pre-clear Three Proposed Names before submitting your request for a name clearance

BC Name Clearance Reports for all Business Name Registrations in BC

Are you registering a BC company, BC sole proprietorship, BC operating trade name or BC partnership?

You will need to provide the government with proof that your name is available for use. The BC government has internal policies for name granting. Resources for Canadian Business Owners has worked with the BC name granting examiners for years and understands those policies and how you can have your name approved the first time around. It is not enough to submit a name clearance request. You need to ensure that the name has a chance of approval.

The BC government provides that you can have three choices submitted. We will pre-clear three name choices for you not only in BC BUT right across Canada so you can be sure there are no conflicts for your proposed name anywhere in Canada. This service will help give you the greatest chance at approval the first time around. We do all of this for the price of one BC name clearance report and all pre-clearance services are free.

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